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My job is to make creative work work harder. 

Lead creative thought, strategy and execution for hard-working and award winning creative across all media.

Win new and increased work in competitive pitches with the likes of AT&T, Netflix, Comcast, Hyatt, Kaiser Permanente, Amnesty International, Western Union and scores of others.

Create not only the work, but the systems to make sure the work goes smoothly. The trafficking system I devised and implemented has been used by this agency for nine years.

Pitch new business and creative work as a very highly rated presenter.

Mentor and teach both at company-wide trainings and as a highly-rated creative presenter at national conferences.

Whether it’s something as complicated as insurance, or as seemingly simple as online DVD rentals, I make sure the idea is strategically spot-on, goal focused and can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it creative.

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